Austin Integrative Spine is a leading-edge, holistic neurosurgery and spine care practice. Dr. Marcella Madera employs the latest minimally invasive techniques and integrative medicine therapies for the spine. She has also developed a program to optimize pain and recovery after surgery when it is necessary.

State of the Art + Wellness Wisdom

While most conventional spine surgery is stuck in the past, Dr. Marcella Madera employs both the most advanced technology and biological research, as well as a holistic mindset and alternative and non-surgical treatments to deliver the most cutting edge spine care available.

Dr. Marcella Madera is the only surgeon in Central Texas trained to employ Joimax’s true minimally invasive equipment and procedures. She is also one of the only spine surgeons in the country to offer biological/cell treatment using a patient’s own harvested cells to promote healing.

Leveraging Natural Healing

Dr. Marcella Madera believes in the inherent healing ability of the body and the power of a healthy mindset to change lives. Austin Integrative Spine is designed around harnessing this natural healing ability to heal spine disease using regenerative treatments, neuroplasticity, and lifestyle medicine. This approach is the ideal complement to the most advanced surgical treatments available when necessary.

Deeply Personal Care

Proud to make herself personally available to her patients in this world-class concierge practice, Dr. Marcella Madera answers your phone calls herself. She can also arrange consultations either in her office, or the location of your choice.

The emotions I experienced while performing my favorite ballet jump as a young dancer are exhilaration, freedom, flying…being in the flow. This is what I hope my patients can experience in their lives again once they are healed.