Model of Care

Holistic Model of Care

During a lengthy private consultation, Dr. Madera will provide you with a personalized plan for your spine that is designed to suit your wellness goals. During your visit, she will share her vision for how you can create spine health together utilizing a full spectrum of care. Some of the options she works with include:

  • The best of conventional neurosurgical care
  • True minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Cutting edge regenerative treatments
  • Physician-guided training and coaching
  • Individualized lifestyle optimization
  • Neutraceutical support

And More…

As your advocate and coach, Dr. Madera can make personalized educational recommendations and referrals for integrative spine treatments including cold laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, yoga, body work/massage, and chiropractic care. She works directly for you, not for your insurance company.

If you and Dr. Madera determine that surgery is the best option for your condition, she will guide you through a unique pre- and post-operative program to minimize stress, anxiety, and pain. This approach optimizes healing and provides a quicker return to a new and improved life.

I have a vision of coordinated, integrative, advanced spine care in which the patient and the doctor both win. I look at myself as a partner with my patients more than ever before. Integrative medicine requires a unique commitment from both of us.


Holistic Perspective

One of the foundations of the unique program at Austin Integrative Spine is the encouraging of patients to partner with their bodies instead of rejecting the offending, painful spine. This way of looking at spine health encourages deeper healing of pain and dysfunction.

“I’ve been blessed to witness the stunning beauty of human anatomy from the unique perspective of the operating room,” says Dr. Madera. “Our bodies are a gift, and I love opening this idea with people who have never looked at their bodies in this way.”

Spine disease is a call to action to optimize health and prevent future health problems. Dr. Madera’s goal is to leave her spine patients better than she found them in their whole health, not just the condition of their spines. Working with Austin Integrative Spine is a springboard to a better life in all areas.