The Aqua Method

What if you had all of your doctors and therapists working together?

Join us for a life-changing experience, and spend three days working with a gifted team of medical and health professionals focused on your healing and bringing your body back into alignment and flow.  

Like water, the treatment is pure, soothing, and powerful. 

We call it The Aqua Method. 

  • Holistic Neurosurgical Consultation
  • Detailed Action Plan to optimize your health before and after the intensive
  • Three days of physical, mental, and emotional optimization
  • Simultaneous Evaluation by Neurosurgeon + Doctor of Chiropractic + Performance Rehab Specialist
  • Five elite personalized training sessions 
  • Tailored home movement program
  • Biological Decoding
  • Coaching emphasizing neuroplasticity 
  • Recommendations for alternative therapies for continued support
  • Highly specialized cellular medicine + manual therapy


Clear Insight. Our clients come seeking answers. With the Aqua Method, you have a thorough physical evaluation by our neurosurgical team, a doctor of chiropractic, and a performance rehab specialist to discover why you may be having a symptom. We evaluate cellular health, inflammation markers and imaging, as well as your body structure and movements to determine the root cause of your condition. Honoring the proven connection between the mind and the body, we coach you to deepen this connection, revealing how life circumstances may affect your physical health.



Pure cell rejuvenation. Remember the last time you had a cut and it healed? We know the body has the innate ability and wisdom to heal itself, but sometimes it needs some support. Your Aqua Method procedure day includes the mind, body, and spirit, starting with a meditation and breath work to calm the nervous system. Transitioning to your medical procedure, you receive an innovative laser-activated cell procedure that supports and restores your body at a molecular level by reducing inflammation and activating the body’s natural healing systems.



Functional Tissue Mobilization. What is soft is strong. Layered with the medical procedure are therapeutic techniques that enhance the body’s ability to heal. Your muscles and soft tissue will be transformed with the addition of manual therapy, serving to increase movement and glide and to soften long held compensation patterns. This creates a supple environment for cellular revitalization in combination with our laser for a powerful anti- inflammatory effect in the targeted tissues. Immediately following the procedure, you transition to work with a performance rehab specialist who guides you in retraining your body to master new functional movement patterns and ensure that the procedure sticks.



Whole Body Integration. You can retrain your body and rewire your brain. We provide support for both, with personal training and life coaching. During the three-day intensive, you receive guidance and support for seeing beyond your current condition and powerfully creating the body and life, you desire. After your intensive, you have two follow-ups with an elite movement trainer and two sessions with a coach to amplify the impact on neuroplasticity, integrate the experience, and solidify your powerful forward momentum.

The Results

The Team

Marcella Madera, MD

Joey Mattina, DC

Matt Lindamood, CMT, CSCS

“Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield…what is soft is strong.” 

Lao Tzu