Austin Integrative Spine Services

Concierge Services

$150/month for all patients of the practice

We care deeply for our patients and our goal is to provide a thorough approach while supporting patients through their medical journey. Patients receive full, direct access to Dr. Marcella Madera and the team via text, phone, and email as well as support via follow-up phone calls from our staff to you, reminders, and personalized administrative and medical attention.

Integrative Spine Care

$1200 initial appointment; $400/30 minute follow up appointments

Integrative spine care goes beyond symptoms and addresses the whole person. Each patient’s unique conditions are considered, and the most appropriate interventions are chosen to create a path toward healing and maintaining optimum health.

This approach includes:

  • 1.5-hour holistic evaluation including neurosurgical problem, imaging, and a complete health history to explore all possible contributing factors and root causes
  • Functional medicine approach discussion, which may include in-depth lab evaluations and anti-aging labs (DNA age and oxidative stress testing)
  • Individualized, physician-guided lifestyle recommendations to optimize health
  • Mind-body optimization and training
  • Discussion of biologic/cell treatment options
  • Recommendations for additional modalities may include lab work, nutraceutical support, brain function evaluation, and referrals for supportive therapies
  • When surgery is the best option, we will use a pre- and post-operative program to minimize stress, anxiety, and pain to foster optimal healing and return to a new and improved life.

Conventional Spine Care

Insurance + $250 initial appointment

Conventional spine care offers the best of traditional neurosurgery with insurance coverage.

This approach includes:

  • 30-minute neurosurgical evaluation
  • Conservative care recommendations and surgical treatment if necessary
  • If you and Dr. Marcella Madera determine that surgery is the best option for your condition, you have the option to transition to the integrative program. Dr. Madera will guide you through a unique pre- and post-operative program to minimize stress, anxiety, and pain and maximize benefit. This approach optimizes healing and provides a quicker return to a new and improved life. Costs for the integrative program vary depending on complexity of the surgery and clinical situation. See also integrative description above.

Second Opinions

Dr. Marcella Madera sees patients seeking a neurosurgical second opinion under both integrative and conventional models. We value your commitment to gathering all the data you can to prepare for your surgery (with us or elsewhere), and we are happy to support your decision-making process.

Biologic/Cell medicine

Biologic/cell procedures start at $8000.

Dr. Marcella Madera is one of very few surgeons in the U.S. who performs biologic/cell procedures for spine degenerative disease. These procedures can be done alone or in combination with the most state of the art and least invasive surgeries.

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate, platelet rich plasma, and exosomes are options to be added to your biologic cell treatment. Dr. Madera will consider the condition being treated, details gathered during the integrative appointment, and your personal preferences to develop a personalized plan for your procedure.

WAVI: Brain Function Evaluation


WAVI testing is a non-invasive, objective way of measuring the health and functioning of the brain through quick EEG scans and neuro-psychological assessments. Easy to administer, the testing allows Dr. Marcella Madera to track brain health pre- and post- treatments and evaluate brain performance over a continued period of time.



The myDNAge® Test determines your biological age based on DNA methylation patterns in your genome. This estimated age can be affected by genetic, lifestyle, dietary, and environmental factors. Dr. Marcella Madera uses this information to help optimize your health through lifestyle recommendations.

Oxidative Stress

Insurance + $100 or Cash $179

The Oxidative Stress Analysis is a nutritional blood test that measures your oxidative stress levels and antioxidant levels. These results allow Dr. Madera to address underlying causes contributing to many clinical disorders.

Supplements, Herbs, and Nutraceuticals

Intent on developing the best possible solutions for patients, Dr. Madera continuously studies integrative and functional medicine. In addition to diligent research, she has expanded further upon her biochemistry background by working hand-in-hand with world leaders in the future of medicine. She personally selects supplements, herbs and nutraceuticals to assist you in supporting cellular health. Visit the Austin Integrative Spine GetHealthy store for specific products that can support your health in addition to, and sometimes as alternatives to, conventional pharmaceuticals.

Surgical Solutions

Costs for procedures vary depending on complexity and clinical situation. Fees start at $1000 in addition to any insurance contribution to conventional surgery costs and include two follow-up appointments. Concierge services are also included for three months after procedure or surgery.

Dr. Marcella Madera strives to plan the most minimal surgical procedure possible that will give the most optimal and durable result. Surgery is highly specific to each patient’s anatomy, symptoms, and baseline health. Dr. Madera is skilled and experienced in all surgeries for spine disease, including surgery for disc herniation, spinal stenosis, neck pain, back pain, nerve compression, spinal cord compression, and arthritis of the spine.

If you and Dr. Madera determine that a procedure or surgery is the best option for your condition, she will guide you through a unique pre- and post-operative program to minimize stress, anxiety, and pain in order to maximize benefit. This approach optimizes healing and provides a quicker return to a new and improved life.

See also FAQ section on procedures

Balanced Back® Procedure

The BalancedBack® procedure is the first “total” joint replacement for the lumbar spine which represents a major advancement in how leg and back pain are treated. The procedure addresses the same pathologies as fusion, but with one important difference: BalancedBack® preserves range of motion, natural balance, and helps protect adjacent levels from breakdown.

Dr. Marcella Madera can evaluate you for this procedure in Austin, and the surgery takes place in at CTMH Doctors Hospital in Grand Cayman. Please visit for more information.

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