At Austin Integrative Spine, you will receive the highest quality of holistic neurosurgical care available. As our patient, you have access to Dr. Marcella and the team who provide efficient administrative attention, medical guidance, and personal support through your medical journey. We offer a variety of services, listed below:

Consultation Services

Integrative Spine and Brain Care: Whole Health Consultations

Dr. Marcella and Katie Volkers, APRN see patients seeking a neurosurgical second opinion, priced per their fees/hour as listed in Spine and Brain Care Services above. We value your commitment to gathering all the data you can to prepare for your surgery (with us or elsewhere), and we are happy to support your decision-making process.

This list includes:

  • 2 hour holistic consultation with the team of Dr. Marcella Madera, Katie Volkers, APRN, and Amy McAbeer, MEd
  • Imaging review
  • A complete health history to explore all possible contributing factors and root causes
  • In depth discussion of biologic/cell treatment options
  • Treatment options with the best surgical and non-surgical approaches specific to your case
  • Practical, effective, individualized, and physician-guided lifestyle recommendations to reduce inflammation and optimize health
  • Mind-body optimization and training
  • Recommendations for additional modalities including lab work, nutraceutical support, brain function evaluation, and referrals for supportive therapies
  • When surgery is the best option, we will use a pre- and post-operative program to minimize stress, anxiety, and pain to foster optimal healing and return to a new and improved life

Initial Consultation is 120 minutes

Follow-up consultations are either 60 minute or 30 minute follow up appointments

Second Opinions

Dr. Marcella and Katie Volkers, APRN see patients seeking a neurosurgical second opinion, priced per their fees/hour as listed in Spine and Brain Care Services above. We value your commitment to gathering all the data to determine the best approach, and we are happy to support your decision-making process.

Biologic/Cell Medicine

Biologic/Cell Procedures

Biologic/cell procedures start at $10,000.

Dr. Marcella is one of very few surgeons in the U.S. who performs biologic/cell procedures for spine and brain degenerative disease. These procedures can be done alone or in combination with the most state of the art and least invasive surgeries.

Photobiomodulated platelet rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate concentrate are among the options for a biologic/cell treatment. Dr. Marcella will consider the condition being treated, details gathered during the integrative appointment, and your personal preferences to develop a personalized plan for your procedure.

Surgical Solutions

Customized Surgical Solutions

Costs for procedures vary depending on complexity and clinical situation. Fees are discussed here and include two follow-up appointments.

Dr. Marcella strives to plan the most minimal surgical procedure possible that will give the most optimal and durable result. Surgery is highly specific to each patient’s anatomy, symptoms, and baseline health. Dr. Marcella is skilled and experienced in all surgeries for spine and brain disease, including surgery for disc herniation, spinal stenosis, neck pain, back pain, nerve compression, spinal cord compression, and arthritis of the spine.

If you and Dr. Marcella determine that a procedure or surgery is the best option for your condition, she will guide you through a unique pre- and post-operative program to minimize stress, anxiety, and pain in order to maximize benefit. This approach optimizes healing and provides a quicker return to a new and improved life.

See also FAQ section on procedures

Restorative Medicine Center (NEW!)

Welcome to the Restorative Medicine Center at Austin Integrative Spine!

We offer a comprehensive approach to health. With the use of photobiomodulated platelet rich plasma (PRP) and cell-based therapies we are able to offer image-enhancing procedures including cosmetic and sexual enhancement.

> Learn more about our Restorative Medicine Center

Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine

Energy For Success

Our foundational mind-body practice is an ancient Chinese Energy system, brought to us by Dr. Barry Morguelan, the only western Grand Master. Participants of the programs report that this Energy has expanded their general knowledge, freedom, power and health so that they experience higher degrees of success in their lives. Our patients are introduced to health-focused guided breathing visualizations, peak performance content, and physical and mental acuity practices.

WAVI: Brain Function Evaluation

WAVI testing is a non-invasive, objective way of measuring the health and functioning of the brain through quick EEG scans and neuro-psychological assessments. Easy to administer, the testing allows Dr. Marcella to track brain health pre- and post- treatments and evaluate brain performance over a continued period of time. 

TrueAge DNA Test

TruDiagnostic’s TruAge™ Test determines your biological age based on DNA methylation patterns in your genome.  This estimated age can be affected by genetic, lifestyle, dietary, and environmental factors. Dr. Marcella uses this information to help optimize your health through lifestyle recommendations and track your progress toward increased longevity.

Supplements, Herbs, and Nutraceuticals 

Intent on developing the best possible solutions for patients, Dr. Marcella and Katie Volkers, APRN continuously study integrative and functional medicine. In addition to diligent research, Dr. Marcella has expanded further upon her biochemistry background by working hand-in-hand with world leaders in the future of medicine. She personally selects supplements, herbs and nutraceuticals to assist you in supporting cellular health. Visit the Austin Integrative Spine GetHealthy store for specific products that can support your health in addition to, and sometimes as alternatives to, conventional pharmaceuticals.  

Metabolic Code

The Metabolic Code is a method for determining your vitality and wellness by assessing the true state of metabolic health today based on current biometrics, lifestyle, and labs. It’s created so that you too can have a clear understanding of your results and know exactly how to take action to move toward better health today. Unlike regular lab results you get from a doctor, the Metabolic Code report is easy to understand and will tell you at a glance where your risk level is and where you need to take action. 

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Adrenocortex Stress Profile 

The Adrenocortex Stress Profile (ASP) is a comprehensive test to assess the function of our stress response along the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis with a set of non-invasive, simple salivary samples to measure our unbound, active hormone levels, providing insight into an important aspect of daily health. 


The NutrEval test evaluates over 100 biomarkers and assesses your body’s specific needs regarding 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and more select nutritional macromolecules. The patient’s test results and integrated into personalized recommendations that allow our team to guide your diet to its optimal state. 

Contact our office for more information to learn more about our approach to your body and life upgrade.

Biological Decoding

What if you could experience relief from your symptoms within the span of a conversation?

Have you ever thought about how your body communicates with you? It doesn’t speak in words, but rather in sensations, with emotions, and expressing symptoms*.* Biological Decoding provides a path for us to discover the link between symptoms and the potential emotional root causes; it is the tool we need to listen for what our bodies are asking us to hear.

With Biological Decoding, we tap into the subconscious using the language of the body, identify an event in the past that set the original programming of our symptoms, decode the program, and craft a powerful repair. When carried forward into daily life, this repair creates the opportunity for your body to do what it is made to do, which is to heal.

Pairing neurosurgical expertise with the inclusion of our mind-body-spirit connection is at the forefront of progressive medicine. Since utilizing our approach that supports the body in releasing what doesn’t serve it, we have seen patients move further and faster toward healing. Our additional pioneering in functional medicine and cell procedures advances our ability to treat patients holistically.

As a result, patients have reported a variety of benefits, including pain reduction, return of physical functionality, release of fear and anxiety, and a deeper understanding of their body.

Individual sessions with Amy McAbeer, MEd. last 60 – 75 minutes. The experience feels like a meditative conversation, one in which you drop into your inner knowing, connect with your body, and are guided to release the past fully, thus creating the opportunity to heal. Appointments with Amy are scheduled through our front desk by calling 512-817-4600.


Patient Testimonial

“I feel calmer and have a new sense of clarity”.

~ Nancy B

What changes have you experienced since working together?

It is hard to describe in words, but I feel as though I am carrying less emotional trauma and my heart doesn’t feel as heavy. My emotional regulation has improved and I feel calmer and have a new sense of clarity. My outlook on certain trying situations has been completely transformed and I feel less overwhelmed. I feel much more grounded as I navigate through challenges and have a new sense of confidence in myself. I am no longer getting in my own way as much as I did before.

What did you enjoy the most and why?

Speaking with Amy felt safe. While we covered some very trying topics it was an easy conversation to have and I worked through more in our sessions then I expected.

Would you recommend our services to a friend?


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