Joey Mattina, DC

Dr. Joey Mattina is part of our Aqua Method team. Dr. Joey Mattina earned his doctorate from Southern California University of Health Sciences where he graduated magna cum laude and salutatorian. He has extensive training and experience in myofascial release and osteopathic manipulation of both the soft tissue and skeletal systems. Dr. Mattina aims to improve tissue function through manual techniques that typically involve slow, firm, compressive pressure in very specific anatomical locations and positions. Through this direct pressure he is able to reorganized the skeletal system while simultaneously treating the overlying tissue layers. Treating in this way helps joints move properly, stimulates the secretion of synovial fluid, improves glide and lubrication between tissue layers, and decreases inflammation that has become trapped in taut or damaged tissue. 

Dr. Mattina’s availability at Austin Integrative Spine is limited to specific Aqua Method immersion weeks.