Dr. Marcella Madera & Shawn Wells: Sexual Rejuvenation, Intimacy Talk, and Integrative Medicine

Podcast Summary:

What would you give to look, feel, and live young again? What if there’s a way to reverse time and the key is already within you?

In this episode of HYDRATE, I chat with Dr. Marcella Madera and Shawn Wells about Integrative Medicine, a holistic approach that fuses high-tech stem cell treatment and the ancient Energy system to optimize men and women’s cellular function, sexual rejuvenation, and intimacy experience. Dr. Madera’s method harnesses the body’s natural healing capacity and cuts the patient’s age down by 10 years!

Dr. Marcella Madera is a neurosurgeon and spine care expert. Recognizing the inadequacy of conventional solutions, she travelled the world to study functional medicine, cell treatments, ancient Energy modalities, and herbal remedies for pain. And then she created a new integrative practice that supports natural interventions and integrates the patient’s mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.

Shawn Wells is a nutritional biochemist and author who works with global scientists and has formulated over 500 supplements. He underwent Dr. Madera’s Eros treatment which involves penis rejuvenation, and he shares how the procedure transformed not only his sexual organ but his entire being.