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The show covers an ever-expanding range of topics including sex and relationships, yoga, meditation, smart drugs, health myths and medical conspiracies, spirituality, mindfulness, health food and supplementation, herbs and alternative medicine, and digs deep into biohacking technologies and tactics.

Luke Storey is a former celebrity fashion stylist, motivational speaker, and thought leader who has spent the past twenty-three years relentlessly searching the world over to design the ultimate lifestyle.

Description from the Luke Storey Podcast website:

Meet the incredible Dr. Marcella Madera. Fellowship trained at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Marcella is a board-certified neurosurgeon with expertise in biologic and cell procedures for spine, joint, and brain health – all of which she applies at her holistic, concierge neurosurgical practice, Austin Integrative Spine (AIS). We get into some seriously life-changing stuff in this episode as she delves into the extensive diagnostic process for her Aqua Method. We talk about my personal experience with the treatment, too. You can go to and mention LUKE for $1,000 off! I can confirm she and her team are all about intertwining the mind, body, and spirit elements in her practice, and it makes all the difference. Dr. Marcella explains the four R’s of the Aqua Method – reveal, restore, revitalize, and revel – and how this process offers remarkable results in reducing chronic pain and boosting overall well-being. Dr. Madera’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional medicine to offer less invasive procedures with better results is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I want to thank Dr. Marcella for being a medical professional that had the courage to step outside the box and to think about ways that she could help people in a more holistic and comprehensive fashion, truly bringing the mind, body, spirit element into her practice.