In recent media, neurosurgeon Dr. Marcella Madera offers insight into how to skip surgery, reduce back and joint pain, and create more fluidity within the spine, joints, and tissues.

As a featured guest on Dave Asprey’s Webby Award-winning podcast The
Human Upgrade: “Relieve Your Back Pain in 4 Steps,” Dr. Marcella takes a deep dive into the intersection of functional tissue mobility, movement, and mind-body healing made possible by the Aqua Method, a process that has allowed her clients to use their own bodies’ powers of self-restoration.

The Aqua Method resides on four fundamental pillars – the Four R’s: Reveal, Restore, Revitalize, and Revel.
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During a three-day intensive process that can eliminate surgery, clients work alongside AIS’s gifted team to get answers and bring the body back into alignment and flow. The treatment includes a whole body evaluation by Dr. Marcella, Dr. Mattina, and Matt Lindamood using IV photobiomodulated (laser activated!) platelet rich plasma, functional tissue mobilization, performance rehabilitation physical training, and mind-body coaching for neuroplasticity.



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